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32, Woman
Lakewood, CA, United States
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Personal Information

I am a very creative person, definitely comes through in all I do. I'm very thoughtful, I really listen when people talk to me - and I do expect that that be a mutual thing. I have a mouth like a sailor, and a heart of gold. I speak my mind, and have very strong opinions, but I'll always listen and try to understand other sides. I'm an old soul, but I've got a lot of childlike energy about me. I've been through a lot in my relatively short time here, and it shows on me - I'm pretty centered, excellent at giving advice - in fact, it's something I enjoy. I'm a pretty funny gal, and I know my stuff in all areas. I could never be called a snob, I don't judge people, I'm kind. I am "one of the boys," but a lady. I believe in faeries, and have a mind like Lewis Black.  

I am seeking:
5' 8"
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